Guide on CAPM Certification Requirements: Cost, Salary, and Training

CAPM Certification

For anyone working in most industries, more so those in the technical areas, certifications are a great means to work their way up in their professions. A certification such as the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) is a sure means for getting their skills in project management whetted by the competent authority.

In this blog, we will help you understand the CAPM certification in more depth.

What is the CAPM certification?

The starting point to assessing the importance of becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management is to get an understanding of what it is. The CAPM certification is an entry-level project management skill certification issued by the Project Management Institute (PMI). It tests a candidate’s grasp of project management concepts, processes, terminology, and methods.

Why get CAPM certified?

The importance of certifications as a ladder to professional growth can never be understated. CAPM certification is an endorsement of the person’s project management skills. With almost all corporate entities, IT or non-IT, needing a level of competency in project management, a CAPM certification adds tremendous value.

A CAPM certification attests to the fact that the professional is capable of leading projects. Organizations look for standardized, best practices in disciplines such as project management to optimize deliveries while keeping costs down.

What are the CAPM requirements?

Anyone seeking to earn a CAPM must meet the following requirements:

The candidate must have a secondary degree that is accepted globally; the Candidate must have had at least 1,500 hours of having worked on projects or should have undergone at least 23 hours of project management certification training before taking up the exam.

How much does a Certified Associate in Project Management cost?

While the CAPM costs $300 for a non-PMI member, a PMI member will only be required to pay 75% of this fee, i.e., $225.

The CAPM exam

CAPM models its exam on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide- Sixth Edition. The 7th version of the PMBOK guide has come out; yet, the sixth edition is a sufficient guide for preparing for the CAPM exam.

The exam consists of 150 questions that must be answered in three hours. Once the candidate earns the CAPM certification, she must earn 15 Professional Development Units (PDUs) every year for three years to maintain it, failing which it lapses.

Who should take up the CAPM exam?

Let us next examine whom the Certified Associate in Project Management is for. It is not only for those who generally want to make a career in project management or grow in it; it is also for those who are project managers already but don’t have the education, experience, and training that satisfy Project Management professionals (PMP) requirements.

Which is the best way to pass the CAPM exam?

The CAPM being a certification course has its usual methods of preparation, whose degree varies from one person to another. Some of the standard practices for preparation include mock tests, practice papers, reading the PMBOK guide, and so on. However, the true preparation is in sharpening your project management skills, the most practical method among which is to keep learning as you work on project management.

Is the CAPM worth it?

The Certified Associate in Project Management is worth it if you:

  • Are looking for expanded project management jobs in the global market
  • Want to enjoy a high-demand, highly paid job in project management.

Job prospects for CAPM

Becoming a Certified Associate in Project Management ensures that the pathway to a career in project management is lucrative and sets your profile apart from the rest. It is estimated that globally, more than 2 million project management professionals are required by 2027.

CAPM professionals can expect to work in positions such as:

  • Project Delivery Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Junior Project Manager
  • Associate Project Manager
  • Project Manager Assistant, and others.

Salary prospects for Certified Associate in Project Management professionals

The annual pay for CAPM varies from an entry-level range of $51,000 to a top-end level of $117,000, with the average being around $88,000.

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