Who would have thought one-and-a-half years ago, at the end of 2019, that most of the world would be forced to stay home and work from there, in constant fear, at times, of even stepping out? But then, this is what the COVID-19 pandemic has thrust upon our unsuspecting world. Till the pandemic loses steam, or fully dies out, or a complete and foolproof cure is found, the safest thing to do is to stay at home.

The optimist is one who sees the best in a bad situation, while a pessimist is the one who sees gloom in even a favorable situation. I am not going to ask you which of these categories you belong to. I am going ahead with suggesting 5 effective ways to work from home and earn money, because asking you which of these two mindsets you have is redundant. Just start implementing these 5 Effective ways to work from home and earn money, because anyway, staying at home is here to stay, at least for some more time to come. You will see what a huge difference it is going to make to your thinking and your life.

Now, let us get to the main topic I wanted to discuss in this blog. These are my 5 effective ways to work from home and earn money. Before getting to these points, I advise you stay home, stay safe, and stay healthy while working from home.

Put your talents to use

Hone a few semi technical skills

Offer your expertise in your area of work

Find out what is in demand locally

Share your expertise, thoughts or opinions

Put your talents to use:

Do I hear you smirking at the corniness of this tip? Well, it may appear to be so, but is not such. When I say this, what I mean is that you could be good at a few things, and others may be good in their own areas. I am not trying to generalize by offering you specific types of work. The first tip to making money from home is to assess what you are good at and where you fit.

It is easy to sermonize and offer advice on a few ways of working home and earning money, but no two people are alike where their talents and aptitudes are concerned. So, before you set out to explore the 5 effective ways to work from home and earn money, first take a call on whether these are suited for you or you need to make a few variations or modifications into these.

Hone a few semi technical skills:

While the points I have made above are the foundation to helping you make money while working from home, let us get down to a few specific skillsets or knowledge that the world needs, irrespective of COVID-19 or not. Have you tried your hand at semi technical skills such as SEO? Or, it could be creating videos. These are just a couple of areas on which you could monetize your efforts.


One thing that needs to be borne in mind is that these skills can be put to use even well past the pandemic. These are, in a sense, life skills that need to be upgraded from time to time, which is not at all expensive to do.

Offer your expertise in your area of work:

This follows from the first tip. This can happen only when you understand what skillset you can put to use within your area of work. Do what you are comfortable with, because this is the only thing you will do well, and do consistently without feeling being pushed. It will also pave the way to earning decent amounts of money.

Find out what is in demand locally:

The surest road to success in business is in fulfilling a need. This is the simple mantra on which most business successes have been built. Keep your eyes and ears open to any lacuna in your locality. Is there is a need for plumbing work, for example? Or home delivery, perhaps? Start finding, and you will get quite a few such tasks that can enumerate you. This will be one of the easiest ways of making money, because it requires almost no advertising. You know the locality well, and people who need your service know how to approach you. Bang, bang, bang.

Share your expertise, thoughts or opinions:

Well, we are all good in our own areas. Maybe you could share your life experiences with an audience. Why not write a blog, or put up a video or a podcast of what you want to share? Or, you may want to share how you felt about the food you ate at a local restaurant or a famous one. What happens when you start sharing these on the social media is that, before you realize it, you would have created quite a stack of videos on YouTube or Facebook. These could turn out to be your cash cows during the pandemic.

If you choose to implement these ways and learn to be productive while working from home, you will have made something out of a bad situation. One fact you will realize by the time you complete reading my five tips is that there is no substitute to being optimistic, which is what I pride myself being. After all, didn’t these tips help you discover your entrepreneurial spirit? Would you have done this if not for COVID-19?

It is all a matter of whether you are someone who wants to have the satisfaction of having turned this crisis into an opportunity, or be the one who curses everyone under the sun, including perhaps yourself, for the apparent ill fortune that has begotten you.

We would love to hear from you if you found this blog useful. Please feel free to write to us!

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